NARA – a japanese robata.

Nara is one of my favorite places to dine and socialize. I consider Nara one of the best in Kansas City hands down. A lot of people in KC will debate me on this but seriously, I don’t care. Combining a great location, sexy atmosphere, and an excellent staff you have a key go-to spot for a great time. True, I’m biased. I have no problem admitting that I’m friends with the owner and that may; in turn, earn me special treatment. Maybe it’s because I’m a nice guy and I tip well.  What ever it is, the chefs love to experiment with the cuisine and often allow my friends and I to try out their creations. They have DJs on Thursdays-Saturdays and a great selection of cold Sakes (“Dreamy Cloud” is amazing) there is even a drink created for their ladies night I helped name “Velvet Ambrosia”.