Stuff DJs Hate – This Is Why You Aren’t Hearing Your Request.

It is easily once a week if not more that someone asks “When are you gonna teach me how to DJ?” If you think about it for a second, you just insulted the DJ by marginalizing all the time and effort he or she has put into getting where they are. By asking something like that one expects to learn something that most DJs have spent years teaching themselves in a matter of hours. It’s bad enough that there are so many celebrity DJs that can’t hold a dance floor to save their life (I’ve seen this first hand) but now random folks off the street want to bypass all the work and headline the hottest spot in town. Would you ask a Dr. to teach you how to stent an artery (mid-surgery) because you think it’s cool? It’s half minded things like this that drive DJs nuts. Thankfully, there is an awesome blog that captures all of those moments and puts them into an easy to understand perspective. There are even pictures (my favorite part) for the logically challenged. Read it people, please.