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There will always be technologies that threaten every artistic medium. DJs the world over are cringing at the release of Djay for the iPad a $20 app that tricks people into thinking they can actually spin some tunes. Granted, there may very well be some young aspiring DJ who gets this and later moves on to become a full on, dues paid, honest to goodness DJ (it could happen). Let’s be honest…, it’s a toy and primarily meant to be for entertainment. Could someone load up some tunes from and play a mediocre set? It’s a possibility. Could I use this at my residency? It’s entirely do-able but I would hate not having all the control to finesse the music the way I normally do and as such; would take most if not all the personality out of the mix. I’ve seen stuff like this come and go (they are still trying to keep DJ Hero alive) but remember, it’s just entertainment and as such; does not equal the time and effort real DJs have put into their craft. Respect the DJ…