ooo boutique – kung fu sutra condom pack.

If this were any more badass it would be illegal.

Kung Fu Sutra Condom Pack

Anything that involves both kung fu and your junk would normally sound like an awful combination, but if you’re going to be breaking a few bed-boards tonight this pack of Kung Fu Sutra Condoms would be a wise investment.   Each of the eight condom wrappers depicts a karma sutra-esque move being performed by a woman and a kung fu master because, well, why not?  Reach for one and become a stud on the mattress and the mat. The sheer, lubricated latex condoms come in a 2.5” x 2.5” box which looks about as presentable as a box of condoms can on your nightstand.  They’re also FDA approved and individually tested (which sounds disgusting).