Disclaimer: This particular section of my blog is to merely voice my views on women and the things I find attractive about them by using comparisons. I have an amazingly beautiful lady in my life that thankfully, I can have an open and honest conversation with about attraction  towards the opposite sex. I have found that there’s more speculation than truth about what makes someone desirable so here we go…

Elizabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley heads out in a stunning white dress on June 25, 2009. Photo copyright by Solarpix / PR Photos.

Elizabeth Hurley, as many of us know; has really been through the relationship meat grinder. Despite the former scandals she has maintained an air of class and and sophistication that proves she’s a survivor. In addition, Elizabeth is quite the business woman setting up Simian Films, running her own beach wear line aptly named Elizabeth Hurley Beach, and she’s the ultimate CEO (she’s a mom). As you can see, she is still a knockout and carries herself in a sexy yet mature style all her own. Lesson for today; a confident sexy lady that can maintain through tough times is always a win.

Update: The tabloids are drooling over accusations that Mrs. Hurley cheated on her current husband. I really hate gossip rags because they rarely check facts and blindly blast out lies and hurtful non-sense on a regular basis. That said, I’ll just pass along the link and let you draw your own conclusions.