Disclaimer: This particular section of my blog is to merely voice my views on women and the things I find attractive about them by using comparisons. I have an amazingly beautiful lady in my life that thankfully, I can have an open and honest conversation with about attraction  towards the opposite sex. I have found that there’s more speculation than truth about what makes someone desirable so here we go…

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson 2008.jpg

I chose Jenna Jamison for this segment for one very specific reason, not because she’s a pornstar but because she’s a former pornstar turned savy business woman/mother.  If you are quick to judge someone because of things they have done in their past I suggest you take a long look in the mirror. Everyone (you and I included) have done things in our past that we regret. People that find themselves in less than desirable situations have one of two choices; either go with the flow or make a change. I dig the fact that Jenna decided to empower herself and not only take charge of her situation by forming her own very successful adult entertainment company ClubJenna but to encourage other young women to take charge of their careers in the adult business as well. She recently announced that she would no longer be doing any more on camera roles for the sake of her children and even though she has an enormous body of work already; you might say “what’s the use?” It’s the fact she made a decision to change that matters. Recently, she’s been eyeing a role in a Broadway play. So there you have it, hate on it if you want. At least she made a decision not to continue on the track she was on despite the judgment of others (not bad she’s made a small fortune doing it). Lesson of the day, ladies don’t be a victim of your past. If you have done things before you might be ashamed of, don’t be. The only shame of our past is in repeating previous mistakes that we should have learned from.