Wow…, this was forwarded to me by my good friend Mark Styles. He always gets a laugh when people are astounded to meet me in person after only hearing my voice on the radio first. The usual reaction I get is, “Holy sh*t you’re a white dude!” It’s funny to my close friends because they know me as the lame nerdy white guy first, wise cracking radio host second.

I was trying to explain how judging someone was wrong the other day to a kid. During the conversation, I realized I too pass judgment on others prematurely at times. My focus shifted to the process of non-judgment. It’s difficult to not go with our first impression and remain open minded but it is a must in order for us to move forward. Had the guy behind the camera went with his possible 1st judgment we may have never known that guys story. Maybe someone will see it and give him a chance. Just a thought.