I always aim to support local businesses and/or good folks with good products. Label Clother is both.

Operated by my friends Mark and Marissa, Label is the go to spot for unique and affordable clothes for men and women. They hand pick every article of clothing for their collection and they must pass the grade to be Label approved. Many clothing lines have a great selection of items and often; some less than stellar selections. Usually the lines or distributors try to make small shops carry their crap stuff in a “all or nothing” kind of deal. This makes a boutique catalog congested and often, the shopper misses out on that one “must have” item. Mark is fierce when it comes to that kind of stuff and if he can’t carry exactly what he feels is the best product for his customers he would rather pass than shelf a bunch of junk nobody will want. Rest assured, if you are looking for unique apparel that will out last current trends you will find something good at Label Clother both online and in Kansas City located in the Garment District at 1350 Main Street.

Label Mens Clothier | From a relaxed night out with a lovely companion to a mean poker game with the boys, we have you covered..