Mind = BLOWN!   Woah, I had no idea Uncle Phil was Shredder on TMNT! Hahahaha

  • 1. Carlos Alazraqui As Rocko

    Rocko’s Modern Life

  • 2. Jessica Walter As Fran The Dinosaur


  • 3. George Cloony As The Doctor From South Park

    The South Park Movie

  • 4. Dustin Hoffman As Benedict Arnold

    Liberty’s Kids

  • 5. Bruce Willis As Spike

    The Rugrats Movie

  • 6. Adam West As R. Kelly’s Lawyer

    The Boondocks

  • 7. Alec Baldwin As The Bad Guy Dennis

    The Spongebob Movie

  • 8. Michael Cera As Brother Bear

    The Berenstain Bears

  • 9. Danny DeVito As Phil


  • 10. Eric Idle As The Transformer Wreck-Gar


  • 11. Uncle Phil From Fresh Prince As Shredder


  • 12. Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell As The Ambiguously Gay Duo


  • 13. Michael J Fox As Stuart Little

    Stuart Little

  • 14. John Leguizamo As Rat #2

    Dr. Dolittle And that’s Rat #2. Don’t you forget.

  • 15. Kelsey Grammer As Sideshow Bob

    The Simpsons

  • 16. Whoopi Goldberg As Fantasy The Book

    The Pagemaster

  • 17. Vin Diesel As The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant

  • 18. Mark Hamill As Invader Zim

    Invader Zim (The Pilot)

  • 19. Tim Curry As Nigel Thornberry

    The Wild Thornberrys

  • 20. Burt Reynolds As Charlie B. Barkin

    All Dogs Go To Heaven

  • 21. Patrick Stewart As The Great Prince

    Bambi 2

  • 22. Martin Sheen As Sly Sludge

    Captain Planet

  • 23. Mel Gibson As John Smith


  • 24. Val Kilmer As Moses/God

    The Prince Of Egypt

  • 25. Optimus Prime As Eeyore

    Yup, voiced by the same guy. Mind=blown.

via buzzfeed.