Neu Sex by Sasha Grey

I bought this book for my girl as soon as it came out (she has a thing for Sasha Grey). I must say, it’s very much not what I was expecting…, in a very good way. Sasha Grey has only recently ventured from the adult film industry to mainstream film and TV. This book of photos seems to span the period of the change of one to the other. Candid shots of varying stages of nudity are through out but mostly its a rare look into the daily goings on of a woman who doesn’t really give a damn what you think of her career choices so why should she be shy to show her bare body? I dig it, and unless you are a stuck up prude I’ll go so far as to say you might find it enjoyable too. I probably won’t leave it on my coffee table for our 5 year old to find but a nice addition to our book collection all the same.

Neu Sex by Sasha Grey | Cool Material.