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Seriously though?

So what do real fashionistas eat for breakfast? No, not Cheerios. How about Burberry Flakes, Gucci Loops, Cartier Crunch or Louis Vuitton Charms? Yeah, that sounds a bit more like it.


Fashion for Breakfast: Couture Cereals – mashKULTURE.


A Graphical Analysis Of Those Who Forgot About Dre

What started as an inside joke has become something of a compulsive faux pas: the Wilhelm Scream, a canned shriek that was first cleverly inserted into films as a wink and a nod between sound designers, has gotten a bit out of control. At least some sound designers are now disguising their Wilhelm Screams.

But leave it to online chronicles to compile the use of this signature shout. “Ah,” say you, “but I have to watch more than one YouTube compilation to see all those Wilhelm Screams in one place. I want to show them to my sound design class, and I have to, like, open three tabs.” No more. Now, thanks to the folks at, we have the mother of all Wilhelm Scream compilations. It’s thrilling. It’s spine-tingling. It’s about time for sound designers to cut it out with the Wilhelm Screams, already. (Via Coilhouse, who offer some further reflections.)

Then again, perhaps the Wilhelm Scream has transcended being only an oft-repeated sound effect. It’s got a “hardcore melodic” band taking its name. It’s got a song by indie darling singer James Blake, below. There’s even an iOS app. (Review: “Operates exactly as advertised. Continuously funny. If I am ever shot with an arrow while sitting atop a horse, I am finally prepared. My family is very proud.”) Feature request for version 2.0: I want to see a mode in which the alligator drags a character offscreen, true to the pre-Private Wilhelm use of the sound effect.

via Create Digital Music.

If this isn’t a funny twist of irony I don’t know what is…

German luxury car company Mercedes-Benz has called on multi-talented Mississippi rapper-producer David Banner and U.K. singers Estelle and Daley to appear on a new single and in a video entitled ‘Benz.’

Banner, who previously wrote, produced and arranged the song for Gatorade’s 2010 “Gatorade Has Evolved” TV ad campaign, crafted the Mercedes tribute single with an updated version of rocker Janis Joplin’s 1971 protest song ‘Mercedes-Benz.’ Joplin performed the song to show the disparity between social classes rather than sell automobiles.

The ‘Benz’ single will be released on iTunes on April 19, and the same day, Banner, Estelle and Daley will travel to Shanghai, China, where they will perform the song at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show.

“That’s why they call it soul music, you can’t put an equation to what we just did,” Banner said of the natural chemistry he found with his collaborators. “When we first put it together and listened to it, it was something special.”

Banner’s ‘Death of a Pop Star’ collaboration album with producer 9th Wonder was released on December 21, 2010. He also scored the lead dance sequence of the new ‘Footloose’ remake.

via The Boombox.

Mind = BLOWN!   Woah, I had no idea Uncle Phil was Shredder on TMNT! Hahahaha

  • 1. Carlos Alazraqui As Rocko

    Rocko’s Modern Life

  • 2. Jessica Walter As Fran The Dinosaur


  • 3. George Cloony As The Doctor From South Park

    The South Park Movie

  • 4. Dustin Hoffman As Benedict Arnold

    Liberty’s Kids

  • 5. Bruce Willis As Spike

    The Rugrats Movie

  • 6. Adam West As R. Kelly’s Lawyer

    The Boondocks

  • 7. Alec Baldwin As The Bad Guy Dennis

    The Spongebob Movie

  • 8. Michael Cera As Brother Bear

    The Berenstain Bears

  • 9. Danny DeVito As Phil


  • 10. Eric Idle As The Transformer Wreck-Gar


  • 11. Uncle Phil From Fresh Prince As Shredder


  • 12. Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell As The Ambiguously Gay Duo


  • 13. Michael J Fox As Stuart Little

    Stuart Little

  • 14. John Leguizamo As Rat #2

    Dr. Dolittle And that’s Rat #2. Don’t you forget.

  • 15. Kelsey Grammer As Sideshow Bob

    The Simpsons

  • 16. Whoopi Goldberg As Fantasy The Book

    The Pagemaster

  • 17. Vin Diesel As The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant

  • 18. Mark Hamill As Invader Zim

    Invader Zim (The Pilot)

  • 19. Tim Curry As Nigel Thornberry

    The Wild Thornberrys

  • 20. Burt Reynolds As Charlie B. Barkin

    All Dogs Go To Heaven

  • 21. Patrick Stewart As The Great Prince

    Bambi 2

  • 22. Martin Sheen As Sly Sludge

    Captain Planet

  • 23. Mel Gibson As John Smith


  • 24. Val Kilmer As Moses/God

    The Prince Of Egypt

  • 25. Optimus Prime As Eeyore

    Yup, voiced by the same guy. Mind=blown.

via buzzfeed.

May I introduce you to (in my opinion) the most horrific motor vehicle ever thought of. Pretty much any guy driving this has a penis so small it’s an innie. Seriously, WTF?

SportChassis P4XL

Standard super-duty pickups simply not enough for you? Take a gander at the SportChassis P4XL $TBA. With a gargantuan 174-inch wheelbase and 100-inch width, the P4XL is arguably the biggest pickup you can buy, and backs it up with heavy-duty features like an 8.3L Cummins diesel with 330 hp and 1,000 ft/lb of torque, shift-on-the-fly technology, a 17,500 lb. rear air suspension and 10,000 lb. front axle, a passive noise reduction system with Dynamat to keep the interior quiet, an optional adjustable-height hitch, a Pioneer AVIC-Z3 central touchscreen controller for audio, GPS, and telephony, and the assurance of knowing that should you be in an accident, your ride will likely drive straight over the car in front of you.

via SportChassis P4XL | Uncrate.

I have never hid the fact that I despise talk radio for the very reason that most people who call in to these shows do so just to hear themselves speak. More often than not, it’s a bitchfest of useless drivel followed by some host’s tremendously inflated ego telling a bunch of sheep what to think. Now they need a canned audience to agree with them? This is by far one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. True or false this just really points out why I’ve been an Independent voter for years now. You can’t fix stupid.

Premiere Radio Networks, the radio syndicator that brings you Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, knows better than anyone that its audience consists almost exclusively of mouth-breathing illiterates. That can make talk radio, which theoretically relies on the ability of listeners to dial a telephone and speak coherently, something of a challenge. No worries though, because now there’s Premiere On Call, a service whereby, in exchange for money, a paid voice actor will call your radio show and pretend not to be stupid.

This is a guaranteed money maker! Imagine how dreary life must be as a talk-radio hack, listening to the same lonely shut-ins day after day. Wouldn’t you pay just to hear people pronounce difficult words correctly now and again, even if you knew it was fake? From Tablet, which oddly broke the story and managed to relate it to “this week’s Torah portion”:

“Premiere On Call is our new custom caller service,” read the service’s website, which disappeared as this story was being reported (for a cached version of the site click here). “We supply voice talent to take/make your on-air calls, improvise your scenes or deliver your scripts. Using our simple online booking tool, specify the kind of voice you need, and we’ll get your the right person fast. Unless you request it, you won’t hear that same voice again for at least two months, ensuring the authenticity of your programming for avid listeners.”

Premiere, which is owned by Clear Channel, quickly tried to disappear Premiere on Call and issued a statement assuring listeners that all the callers into Limbaugh et. al. are 100% genuine real morons: “Premiere On Call is not utilized by any of Premiere’s nationally syndicated talent, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.”

via Gawker